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Great station... kludgy app.

Station's terrific. Using this app on our old iPad results in slow load times and not infrequent crashes. I too prefer the iPad in landscape orientation, which the app doesn't seem to support. Regrettably, I'm back to using the "live radio" feature of the Stitcher app.

No longer works for me

App just says "loading" and then eventually crashes. Shame.

Please add landscape display for iPad

I have an iPad with iOS10. I primarily use landscape mode. The KNKX mode displays only in portrait mode. This is aggravating. BTW, I am a longtime sustaining member.

Really Want to Love This App, But...

As others have noted, the app crashes. A lot. I hope the change in station ownership means a change in the streaming player. I really want to love this app as much as I love KNKX. And before anyone asks: Yes, I'm a member. I still try to use the app to stream the station since I have reception issues where I live, lots of tall trees which are great for scenery and ambiance, but not so great for radio (or cell, for that matter) reception. So I tend to stream. And since I've been working from home a LOT more lately, I've been streaming a lot more as well. When I'm at my computer (most of the time), I have no problems streaming the station or Jazz24, but the apps both crash. This one much more often than the Jazz24 app. That strikes me as odd, but there you are. I'm using an iPod Touch (5th Gen) with the latest iOS installed.

Used to work fine

Now it crashes all the time. Lame

Crash prone

This version has been nothing but crap and crashes all the time. The old version worked fine. Hey techs! Fix it!

Used to work great

Not sure what the upgrade was worked flawlessly. Now it shuts down on its own or keeps running in the background after I've closed it. With KPLU being sold to KUOW, I'll probably delete the app sooner or later. With the current issues, it's likely to be sooner.


This station is one of the radio stations I have ever heard. They have real dj's & literally the best jazz playlist 24/7, or pretty close. A stupendous example to be judged against all. The best composite & huge library of jazz & knowledge & understanding of it all. Plus they have the news which I appreciate also. A definite 6 star station.

Yes, CHRONIC crasher

Read the reviews and hoped things have improved. But no - this app does indeed crash frequently and inexplicably. Please fix this one, app wizards. I love KPLU!


Ever since the iOS upgrade, the app will constantly go into "buffering" mode and the music/talking stops. This was my favorite app to listen to KPLU in the morning. Please fix!

Does not work. No music plays.

Would give 0 stars if I could. Don't waste your time downloading this. When you press play, nothing happens. About 3 seconds later, it says "buffering", but still no music.

Chronic Chrasher

New version does not "play nice" on the IPad...have to shut down & re-boot it CONSTANTLY! Liked the old version...much more stable

Won't launch

App no longer works. I only see start up screen then app closes. IOS 7.

Great app

I grew up listening to kplu and love how I can stream it through my pocket. I just wish the app had a night timer and the alarm setting worked a little better.

Functional, but needs update

I really like having this app as a quick way to pull up the KPLU feed. As a minimum requirement, this works great. Beyond that, the app doesn't follow Apple's HIG (interface guide). There is a custom volume slider, menu items transition in from the top (except when it inconsistently slides in from the side), and assets are not retina ready. What level of donation is needed to get an update?


It makes me still like I'm back home while I'm away at school!

Buggy app

Love listening to KPLU but this app needs to be updated. Constantly crashes or cuts in and out. Have had to reinstall several times. Latest problem: buttons don't work, won't stream.

Buffering issues

KPLU is cutting out after five minutes or so on the IPad. This is a recent development. Best music on the dial. Please check. Thx.

Stutters and stalls too frequently

Love the station but this app needs updating to eliminate the annoyance of start and stop and start and ... I use the NPR app instead to listen until then

Great jazz but app inconsistent

I live the jazz but the app will sometimes and quite frequently at times the music stutters and then will stop. You then have to stop/start the selection and sometimes music plays again. Other times you have to quit the app and reopen. This frustration takes away from the high quality music and service. Please address app issue so it matches the quality of the KPLU brand.


Nice music great selection!!

Best music anywhere!

Heavy with mood

Works great

After some initial hiccups, works great.

Great App!!

Great App for listening to my favorite station on my iPhone! Thanks KPLU!

Jazz fans rejoice!!!

Seriously great mainstream jazz with NPR news and shows, plus locally flavored news and podcasts. Live streaming works great, even in the background. Fabulous.

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